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Park Systems has always offered our customers the option of office furniture recycling.  However recently we have looked to improve this service and it is proving to be a big success.  We re-direct used furnishings to charitable organisations.  The charities use the furniture to help support others in the community in a number of different ways.  Recycling and saving the planet is high on everyone’s agenda and as a result we have seen an increase in the number of clients who are keen to utilize this option.  So much so that we have hailed our furniture re-use initiative our “2nd Chance Program”

2nd Chance Office Furniture Recycling Program

Businesses are looking, more than ever before, to recycle the furniture they no longer require in a responsible way.  We knew we had to make sure we are able to offer our clients a service  As a result, the aim of our 2nd Chance office furniture recycling program is all about about taking social responsibility seriously.  We believe our 2nd Chance program provides a perfect recycling solution for our environment and our community.

Contribute to the local community

It is great to be able to be able to do something positive to help others, especially those in need.   Here are a few ways the local community has benefited from our furniture recycling initiative:

  • providing charity workers and volunteers with a comfortable environment to work from
  • in schools for use by staff and pupils
  • through charities, furniture is given to people who are being re-housed to help them create a home
  • sold in charity furniture stores to raise funds to be used to support the work the charity does
  • used to engage people in the purposeful activity of restoring furniture and learning new skills

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