Re-branding Project for a Financial Institution

reception area, meeting area, collaborative area, customer lounge, booth, armchairs, meeting tables, coffee tables, armchairs chairs,
Meeting tables, chairs, collaborative space, open plan, plants, biophilia

Money makes the world go around, while our fitters work around the clock to keep business running.

meeting booth, meeting tables, chairs, armchairs, plants, biophilia, collaboration space

When our client, a major financial institution, recently embarked on refresh and re-branding project. We were delighted when once again they came to Park Systems to provide and install their furniture.

visitor chair, armchairs, coffee table, collaborative space, open plan

As it was paramount that the working branches could continue to operate throughout the project. In order to keep business running as usual, we installed the furnishings out of business hours over several visits to sites in Birmingham and Kensington.

Sofa, armchairs, plants, biopholia, meeting space, reception area

The brief was to furnish the open plan reception, meeting, collaborative and customer lounge areas, creating spaces to enrich mind, body and soul. This included sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, booths, desks, chairs, and meeting tables. Plants provide biophilic benefits and bring calmness to the scheme.

Meeting booths, meeting tables, chairs, collaborative space, open plan
Plants add a biophilic element to promote wellbeing and calmness

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