2018 Office Design Trends

What’s important in today’s workplace?

The start of a new year provided us with a good opportunity to look forward to the exciting new 2018 office design trends.                                                                                                                                                                              We asked ourselves “What’s important in today’s workplace?”  Our first thoughts were of staff wellbeing.

Wellbeing is key to the modern workplace and 2018 office design trends.

This led us to evaluate how Maslow’s famous theory on the hierarchy of needs although written in 1943 is in fact pretty relevant today, even if it could do with a little updating


The 2018 office design trends are all about creating a workspace which promotes, vitality, collaboration, concentration, motivation and creativity.   Not only does this lead to happier and healthier staff but increases productivity as well.   The workplace is now a tool that can help a company attract and keep the best talent.

Working Styles and Technology

As digital technology allows far greater flexibility than ever before, enabling staff to work anywhere within the office, we are seeing working styles become increasingly fluid and agile.  This is driving the trend for dynamic workplaces with plug and play spaces located throughout many offices.

Office pods are available with integrated power and data.      Sit and Stand desks provide health benefits for staff. 


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Open plan collaborative spaces are very high on the agenda.  Areas such as casual meeting rooms or breakout areas require comfortable seating, white boards and large screens to allow staff to share information and collaborate easily rather than simply come together or socialise.


Chill-out zones

Chill-out zones are set to become even more popular to allow staff to unwind and recharge, in a sense these areas bring “home to work” in contrast to the past when it was the other way around.  In short, it’s all about creating a work space where people want to be.  Think comfy couches, relaxed seating areas and informal cafe and break-out areas with rugs, cushions and artwork to evoke a homely feel.


Biophilic Elements

The emphasis is on integrating nature throughout the office in the form of textures, patterns and natural lighting.   It is proven that there are health and wellbeing benefits from designing natural elements  into the office.  The reported effects include calm, creative, healthier and happier staff.  The trend for wooden slats, bamboo or partitions with shrubbery to create dividers and define areas is set to continue.  Introducing real or artificial plants, a water feature, artwork or fabric prints of nature will all contribute to the effect.



The importance of colour will continue to grow.  It is important to take into account how colour affects our mood and productivity.  Hence the function of the area should be considered when choosing colours.  Pantone have announced ultra violet the colour of the year.    Click here to read more about Pantone 2018 colour of the year.  Purple implies wealth, quality, and promotes creativity.  It works well with many other colours, gold, taupe, turquoise, jade green, deep red, magenta, yellow and orange.




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