introducing CICERO…

Cicero office chair

design ~ Orlandini Design

making workplaces inspiring

We introduce CICERO to keep you up to date with new dynamic products available. The new “Collaborative Chair”, is the evolutionary response to the co-working and agility based trend we now find within the modern working environment.

So many options! 🙂 Because the full range is available with or without arms and in black or white frame with fabric of your choice

The sophisticated design, with eloquent and expressive lines, certainly shape and embrace your body. As a result CICERO encourages users to move and think more freely.

  • CICERO, for creative office and meeting.
  • CICERO, making workplaces inspiring.

This impressive chair can be specified in a range of options to suit all of your tasks. And, of course, the fabric choice is endless!

CICERO is in our showroom right now, so why not pop in for a coffee and take a look.

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