Business Desks for The Shine Agency

Finding the Perfect Business Desks for The Shine Agency Project.

The Shine Agency involved Park Systems when they decided to refurbish their Glasgow Studio.  We took great pleasure in working with them on this project.  In addition to other furnishings our brief included finding the exact business desks to work for their staff and their studio.

The Desks That Work

Ergonomic Bench Desk with Data Power Outlets

The ergonomic bench desks chosen for this project provide flexibility and achieve the desired aesthetics for this dynamic company.    With the ability to slide the surface of the desk forward there is convenient access to the cable trays or data and power outlets.  This means staff can comfortably manage cables and simply plug in their phone or laptop without crawling around under the desk.  It is worth noting that bench desks can be more cost effective than workstations.

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Electronic Sit-stand Desk

We specified 2 electronic sit-stand desks to provide staff with maximum flexibly depending on their task.  Studies show that spending less time sitting can lead to improvements in physical, metabolic and mental health.  Considering that standing improves mood and energy as well, using a sit-stand desk is more likely to boost productivity too.  Recently we have noticed companies install, on average, a minimum of 10-15% sit-stand desks.

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